Legend Rubber Soft Bed

• Continuous Cow Comfort for Free Stall Barns
• Outstanding Comfort
• Seamless
• Excellent Traction
• Easy to Clean
• No thin top cover to break down and tear
• Molded Edge ribs to prevent ingress of bedding (helps to create a run off to prevent puddling on the mat surface)
• Specialized urethane foam underlay which does not pack over time like crumb filled beds
• Fully molded and reinforced top mat for stability and added hygiene
• Simple and fast installation
• Roll Sizes: 68” wide, 71” wide, 80’ long, 1 ½” thick
• Elongation: 200%
• Tensile: 6 mpa
Compression Test: 100,000 Cycles 1% reduction in height

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