Pen Systems

The Calf-Tel Pen System is the modular, cost-effective solution for indoor calf raising.
Calf Tel Pen System Features include:
• Superior Airflow and Ventilation - The most innovative ventilation features in the industry
• Sun and UV Protection - Totally opaque; Ultraviolet rays do not penetrate Calf-Tel housing systems
• Health and Biosecurity - The polymer material does not absorb or promote bacterial growth
• Strength and Durability - Nearly indestructible and the most durable in the industry
• Economy and Efficiency - Decreased labor, treatment, and veterinarian costs
• Turn any existing building into a calf housing building easily, effectively, and efficiently with the penning system.
NEW Indoor Calf Pen Front Features:
• Adjustable buckets - independent of door frame
• Saves on labor - no need to move entire frame
• Eliminates gap at bottom where bedding escapes
• Optional feed pail dividers reduces feed waste
• Wider door for improved access and ventilation
• Higher standard pail height
• Easily mount an optional nipple pail
• New pail holders limit calves from knocking out buckets
• Improved handle for increased strength
NEW AirMax Back Panel Features:
• Provides more ventilation than any other pen system
• Increases calf comfort and long-term health
• Fits on existing Calf-Tel pen system
• Rugged steel wire screen - durable and long-lasting
• Cover included for extreme cold conditions
Additional Calf Tel Pen System Features:
• Modular construction and assembly
• Easy to set up, configure, expand, and sanitize
• Lightweight and simple to move - only requires one person
• System can interlock back-to-back and side-to-side
• Superior ventilation
• Exterior feeding - easy access to feed and water
• Hinged door - full upright access
• Free standing - does not require permanent installation
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Calf-Tel Pen System - Front Panel

Calf-Tel Pen System - Front Panel