BinTrac Bin Weighing System

BinTrac Bin Weighing System

BinTrac Weighing System

BinTrac Bin Weighing Module Includes:

• Patented bracket with "S" style tension load cell for each leg

• Digital summing box for each bin

• BinTrac Weight Indicator for up to 4 bins

• Optional output interfaces to 3rd party controls

Bracket with Load CellBinTrac Load Cell Assembly

• Easily installs on existing and loaded bins

• Bracket acts as lifting mechanism

• Requires less than 1/2" bin lift

• Simplifies equal loading

• No shimming or blocking

• Field calibration not required

• Temperature compensated load cell

• Optional 3 year warranty on load cell includes lightning

Digital Summing Box BinTrac Summing Box

• Minimizes special load cell cabling and noise

• Wiring runs up to 250 ft. with low cost cable

• Proprietary isolation technology protects load cell from electrical surges and lightning

Weight Indicator 

• Up to 4 bins per indicator

• Displays multiple bins at timed intervals BinTrac Weight Indicator

• High visibility bar graph level indicator

• Can be located up to 250 ft. away from bin 

• Single 4-wire cable connects multiple devices 

• Low-voltage electronics

Optional Output Interfaces:

• Chore-Tronics II

• Rotem

• Analog (0-10v & 4-20mA)

• Frequency

• Digital Pulsed

• Proportional (simulates analog load cells)


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