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Synergize Disinfectant, 1 Gallon

  • $29.00

Synergize is ideal for general sanitation, pork and poutry facilities, foot baths, vehicle washes, and zoos. It  is the next level of bio-security for your sanitation needs. Its unique formula permeates and alters the structure of the cell membrane, allowing itself to "drive inside" the cell to destroy the microorganisms. Synergize is your best weapon against the spread of infectious disease, with its broad kill spectrum of microorganisms. Its patented unique formulation makes it extremely "user friendly" and leaves a light pine smell. A neutral pH creates no concern for corrosion of equipment or vehicles. "User-friendly" formula reduces skin irritations versus competitive brands.

33% active ingredients: Glutaraldehyde (7%) and Quaternary Ammonium (26%). Apply with high or low pressure sprayers. Detergent addittives also act as a cleaner. Dilution rate 1:256, (1/2oz. per 1 gallon). 1 gallon jug.


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