Pig Saver Bowed Bar Farrowing Crate

Pig Saver Farrowing Crates
• Pig-Saver Flip Rail Bar does just that! It saves little pigs by reducing the chance of sows laying on their baby pigs; therefore, increasing profits.
• Easy access to the sow from the rear and side
• Assembles quickly with few parts
• Attaches to galvanized, stainless steel, or PVC creep wings
• Silver paint gives a brighter room
• 1” & 7/8” Solid Rod Framework
• 20” Wide, 41” High Inside Dimensions
• 7”, 7’ 6”, & 8’ Lengths Available
• Stainless Steel Feet and Panel on Rear Door
• Heat lamp arm that swivels from side to side
• Stainless steel chart plate
• High back sow feeder
• Low profile round bottom top out feeder
• Sure step cast-plastic flooring
• Nipple watering kits


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