Space Ray Brooders & Parts

If you're not sure which type of brooder you need, see below for some helpful tips.

Tips for Ordering Brooders:

Modulating Control - Hi/lo control with integral thermostat. No electrical supply is needed. Upon call for heat, valve will open from pilot to low fire (32,000 BTU/hr) and modulate between low and high fire as necessary to maintain desired temperature setting. When thermostat has been satisfied, valve will modulate down to low fire and then drop to pilot.

Zone Control - For single or multi-zone installations using central or multiple thermostats. This 24V AC zone type control can also operate using a 12V DC inverter as a backup. A 24V power supply is required. Zone control panel and/or 24V thermostat, computer, or environmental controller is required.

Individual Thermostat - An individual, non-electric, fully automatic On/Off control with integral thermostat which operates on millivolts generated by the pilot - no electrical supply needed. Integral thermostat features a wide temperature range for easy adjustment.

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