Animal Housing

We have many different livestock housing options for dairy and swine that can be customized to fit your specific needs as well as some ready-to-go options for purchase. 

Calf hutches are for outside housing and help protect young calves from the elements while easing their transition into group housing. We have livestock shelters for single calves as well as for small groups and you can choose right door or left door hutches. To determine which is right door and which is left door, face the front of the hutch. If the side access door is on the left it is a left door hutch, if the side door is on the right, is a right door hutch. All are well ventilated and have attachments for calf bottles or buckets.

If you raise your calves indoors, our calf pen system is a great cost-effective farm animal housing solution. The new pen front features adjustable buckets, a wider door for improved access and ventilation and new pail holders that limit calves from knocking the buckets out of the holders. You can customize how many pens to put in a row by simply attaching them together with L-rods. Each front panel includes w pail holders, 1 divider and 1 L-rod and each side panel includes 2 L-Rods. 

Once your calves are ready to move to group livestock housing, we have many customizable options for free stalls, tie stalls, and headlocks. Contact one of our salesman for a price quote.

We also have several options for swine housing depending on the type of operation you have, including gestation stalls, gestation feeding stations, farrowing crates, and fencing for nursery, wean-to-finish, finishing and boars. Farmer Boy has standard farm animal housing options for all of these; however, we can customize to meet your needs.


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