Chain Disk Feed Systems

Chain Disk Feeding System

Today's complex multi-ration feeding programs demand complete flexibility in feed delivery. Twisting and turning through multiple farrowing rooms and high capacities at long distances make AP's Chain Disk Feed System a solid choice.

Chain Disk is the ideal feed system for automated farrowing feeding.

The ultimate in recirculating feed systems, AP's Chain Disk systems also meets the needs of today's multi-ration nursery and finishing requirements. This pig feeding system gives maximum flexibility in servicing multiple feed lines with a variety of rations. If needed, AP Chain Disk feed system also offers power actuated drop kits that can facilitate dropping more than one ration into different feeders within the same room.

• Heavy-Duty Chain Polypropylene Plastic disks are injection molded around heavy-duty welded chain. Connection links are simple and secure.

• Delivery Tubes Clear heavy wall PVC feed line tubes allow feed to be easily viewed as it is delivered. Economical white tubes, or a combination of both, are also available. Heavy gauge galvanized steel tubing is also available to prevent tube wear in Chain Disk applications that require longer run times.

• Tight Turn Radius Chain Disk corners have a tight radius allowing the system to turn 180 degrees in a 24" space. Corners are installed horizontally or vertically for maximum versatility. A cast metal wheel gently guides the chain through the corner. A sealed ball bearing keeps the system running smoothly for many years.

• Delivers feed "en masse" decreasing feed particle separation and damage to expensive pelleted feeds. This versatile pig feeding system adapts to any installation and a single chain disk drive unit powers up to 900 ft. of chain delivering feed at up to 50lbs./minute. The drive unit housing is constructed of 304 stainless steel to provide years of service. Correct chain tension is automatically adjusted by a spring loaded tensioning wheel.

• Max Run Timers are a standard feature of the Chain Disk Feed Delivery System control panel. The max run timer will automatically shut down the feed system if it runs continuously for an excessive amount of time indicating that a bin has run empty or that a costly feed spill is occurring.

 • A current sensor has been installed on the Chain Disk Control Unit to prevent overfilling, which can cause the thermal reset switch on the motor to kick out and/or premature motor failure. This current sensor monitors the amp draw of the Chain Disk motor and controls a relay which is wired to the fill system . If the amperage reaches the maximum point of a specified range, it will temporarily turn off the fill system. As the Chain Disk system continues to empty itself the amp draw will decrease steadily. If the amperage reaches the minimum point of a specific range the current sensor will turn the fill system back on.

Chain Disk Specs

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1.5 HP Motor Chain Disk Drive Units

1.5 HP Motor Chain Disk Drive Units
$270.09 $242.78

2 HP Motor for Old Style Chain Disk Drive Unit

2 HP Motor for Old Style Chain Disk Drive Unit

240V Contactor for Relay Panel

240V Contactor for Relay Panel

Aluminum Bushing for Chain Disk Motors

Aluminum Bushing for Chain Disk Motors
$35.52 $31.97

Chain Disk Control with No Timer

Chain Disk Control with Current Sensor

Connecting Link for M236 Chain (Bag of 12)

Connecting Link for M236 Chain (Bag of 12)
$13.62 $12.33

Corner Assembly for Chain Disk System

Corner Assembly 90Deg Model 236
$91.90 $84.38

Drive Unit for Chain Disk System

Drive Unit for Chain Disk System