Complete Feed Bins

Farmer Boy's Bulk Feed Tanks perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Every component is made from the finest raw materials available. Each stage of the forming process, from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing, is done under one roof and under our direct control and supervision.
The bulk feed tanks are designed for free-flowing material only. Soybean meal, meat scraps, and many other materials
 that are not free-flowing should not be stored in these tanks without agitation. If you have questions regarding the flowability of a material you intend to use, please call and speak to one of our salesmen. 
Standard Bulk Bin Features:
• Flip top lid
• Auto-Lock lid with full 180° swing, eliminating interference with fill augers
• Drip lip where sidewall sheets meet hopper
• Reinforcing Rib 
Available options:
• Windows in sidewall or hoppper
• Ladders
• OSHA approved safety cage (Recommended)
• Flex Augers
• Core Augers
• Sur- Flo agitators 
Sizes ranging from 6' diameter to 12' diameter
2.98 ton to 53.5 ton. Capacity fo 6'-9' feed tanks are based on feed density of 40lbs per cubic ft. Capacity for 12' feed tanks are based on feed density of 45 lbs per cubic foot.
 Feed Bin/Bulk Feed Tank Sizes
Call (800) 845-3374 or email for more information regarding our bulk feed bins.

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