Expert Series II Controller

Expert Series 2 features a larger display screen and “Quick Keys” for easier and faster operation and access to information. Text can be displayed in either English or Spanish.
Store up to three unique operating programs that can be changed manually or automatically based on outside temperature or age of the pigs.
“Power Saver” feature minimizes utility cost by maximizing the use of larger more efficient ventilation fans while minimizing operation of less efficient fans.
For larger buildings, the Expert Series 2 can be expanded from twenty to thirty-six relays with this sixteen relay expansion panel. 
• Up to twelve cooling stages (exhaust fans, circulation fans, evaporative cooling)
• Up to three heat stages zoned or cascade
• Up to two actuated air inlet outputs, one potentiometer or two timed with zoning capability
• Up to two timed curtain outputs for tunnel inlet or natural ventilation
• Two independent time clocks
• Memory chip for downloading and storing up to fifteen ventilation programs and control settings
• Password protection with multiple user levels
• Programmable set point and minimum ventilation curves
• Seamless ventilation utilizes variable speed fans to smooth transition as ventilation increases
• Misting stage with cycle timer, night shut off and humidity over-ride (with optional RH sensor)
• Circulation fan feature that starts and stops at selected temperature
• Clean out mode for empty rooms
• Second stage variable humidity compensation (with optional RH sensor)
• Day and night settings for set point and minimum ventilation setting
• Can be networked for remote control and monitoring 
• Up to eight inside temperature sensors
• Up to two outside temperature sensors
• Water pulse meter (optional)
• Humidity sensor (optional)
• Static pressure monitor (optional) 
• Two 10 amp variable speed fans
• Twenty 12 amp relays (fans, heaters, cooling, inlets, curtains, timers)
• Two 0-10 volt outputs for added variable speed stages or zoned electric heat.
• One alarm contact
• Temp readout for each sensor plus ten day high/low history
• Average room temperature plus sixty day high/low history
• Outside temperature plus seventy-five day high/low history
• Relative humidity plus seventy-five day history with optional RH sensor
• Static pressure with optional static pressure sensor
• Heater run time seventy-five day history
• Feed system run time seventy-five day history
• Daily water consumption seventy-five day history with optional water pulse meter
• Alarm status
• Group age, mortality and marketing
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Expert Series II 20-Switch Board

Expert Series II 20-Switch Board

Expert Series II LCD Top Board

Expert Series II LCD Top Board