High Pressure Fogging System

This Fogging System is designed to cool your poultry, swine & dairy buildings. Our misting system must be designed with a proper ventilation strategy to get the optimal cooling capacity.
• Poultry & swine - 1 nozzle for every 1,250 cubic feet of space based on an 8’ ceiling
• Dairy - 1 nozzle for every 1,750 cubic feet of space based on a 12’ ceiling
• S.S. high pressure line can be installed in all applications
• Each nozzle puts out .008 gallons per minute with a 20 micron water particle @1,000 PSI. Allowing 100% cooling efficiency
• Every time air temperature increases 20° F, you can double the amount of moisture in the air
• High pressure misting can also be used for controlling humidity levels in dry applications like turkey barns & the first few days on broilers when the temperature is high & the humidity low.

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