Pro Vision Controller

Easy to Install and Setup
Pro Vision is well designed and thought out, saving installation time and making service easy. The new enclosure and circuit board mounting system allows plenty of space for wiring and room for potential expansion. More grower friendly features include:
• Easy step by step setup mode
• Large keypad for easy adjustment
• USB Key
• Personal computer setup software
Easy to Use
• Large screen with friendly style interface that allows the user to instinctively navigate controller screens minimizing learning process time.
• Access any menu with minimal keystrokes
• 10 hot keys give you quick access to main settings.
• Menus can easily switch from English to Spanish.
• High resolution display enables easy to read conditions.
Easy to Service
• Outstanding high voltage surge protection
• Pull out wire terminals
• Built-in diagnostic software
• Optional AMP reading relays
Poultry House Controller Features
• Attic Vent Programs
• 8 outputs for water line flushing
• Breeder Mode Function
• 2 tunnel Door Controls
• Up to 5 Programs for
• Temperature Control
• Up to 16 Heaters – 32 using Hi/Low fire option
• Up to 4 feeder run time inputs
• Stir fan mode based on room temp or on minimum ventilation
• 8 time clocks for water and feed supply
• 22 tunnel fan outputs
• 2 water meter inputs for monitoring
• Outside temperature sensor
• 8 inside temperature sensors
• Light output adjustable with up to 9 programs
• Alarm with outside temperature compensation
• Backup thermostat setting change warning
• Empty zone and clean mode settings
• Monitor flock age & mortality count
• Hour meter for feeder & heater
• Detailed alarm history
• Wall vent output
• 5 fan outputs
• Water spill alarmHistory based on bird age
• 128 maximum relay capacity
Pro Vision can be connected to Cumberland’s Poultry Management I-BOX Software. This software lets you manage all facets of your poultry house from one location. I-BOX sends a constant picture of data performances by bridging critical information about temperature, feed and water consumption. This information is formatted into easy to read graphs and charts so you can see at a glance what is happening with your flocks. This format allows you to respond quickly for optimizing best bird performance.
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