Rotoposter Large Scale Composter

Rotary Composter Benefits:
• Year round composting
• Minimal maintenance
• Eliminates run-off
• Improved visual appeal of compost site
• Cost effective
• Eliminate rendering fees
• Eliminate expensive incineration costs
• Utilize or sell finished compost
• Improve biosecurity
• Eliminates animals from digging into compost piles
• 3-phase electric motors
• Side load (SL) on 5 series only
• Large particle screen on discharge end
• Thermo wells with thermometers
Large Scale Composting Equipment Operating Guidelines:
• Operating capacity of vessel: 65% of total capacity
• Moisture level: 45-65%
• Oxygen level: 5-16%
• Carbon to nitrogen ratio: 25-40/1
• Composting temperature: 120-160oF
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