Tri-Bar Nursery Flooring

Strong, hygienic Tri-Bar steel floor. The cleanest pig nursery flooring on the market.
• Disease Free
Tri-Bar steel is non-porous. Bacteria cannot live in galvanized steel which means Tri-Bar does not hold disease.
• Size
Tri-Bar pig nursery flooring is custom made with lengths up to 12 feet and a standard width of 2 1/2 feet. Self-supported nursery flooring has an average weight of 6.7 lbs. per square foot.
• Self-Supporting
All Tri-Bar nursery floors are totally self-supported. Simply install the floor 1 1/2 inches on the concrete wall.
• Quality
The nursery floor is constructed of special Tri-Bar steel to Nooyen specifications. The floors are hot dip galvanized on site, in our newly constructed state of the art facility.
• Easy to Clean
Tri-Bar pig nursery flooring has a 50% opening. The triangular bars allow for easy cleaning. The flooring does not have to be turned over to clean the bottom side. Simply pressure wash it from the top, in both directions.
• Nursery Floor Limit
Tri-Bar nursery floors are designed for pigs up to 120 lbs.
Swine Flooring for Sale Optional Features
• Soft-Grip - Soft-Grip are indentations in the steel bars that give additional grip for nursery pigs.
• Non-Supported - Non-supported nursery floor is a perfect floor to replace woven wire. It can be installed in the existing working frame.

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