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Research shows that light increases milk yield when the following conditions are met:
• The illumination is approximately 15 to 20 foot-candles
• Cows receive light for 16 to 18 hours per day followed by a dark period of 8 hours 
Agri-light will work with you to design and implement a system that is compatible with the characteristics of the housing, the feeding and nutrient program, target weight and general management regime of your operation. Our ALPL70D fixture features energy-efficient, electronic ballast with a dimmable range of 3 - 100%, an ideal solution for higher ceiling broiler and turkey barns.
Research shows that illumination of 15 to 30 foot-candles in equine facilities:
• Results in horses that are healthier and happier
• Brings mares into fertility earlier in the season 
• Uniform Light Distribution - engineered light plans for each barn
• Fertility Enhancement - easier detection of animals in heat
• Energy Conservation - fewer lights required under the light plan
• Low Installation Costs - hard wired or plugged into existing service
• Low Maintenance Costs - extended bulb life, ease of replacement
Light management is a critical component of production for intensively housed animals. Research has shown that creating optimal barn environments through professionally-designed and installed lighting systems results in healthier, happier, stronger growing and better producing animals.
Through years of research, technological innovation and field-testing Agri-light® has become an international leader in agricultural lighting. Our unique reflector technology combined with a range of energy efficient fixtures means we can custom design lighting solutions to improve returns in any livestock operation. Our specialists will work with you to develop a lighting system that takes into consideration not only the light requirements of your livestock but the size and shape of your barns to achieve the desired results at the greatest cost efficiency.

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