Big Wheel Feeder

• Big Wheel feeders provide fresh feed on demand for pigs and sows. Different models are available for farrowing sows, pigs in the nursery, finishing hogs and pigs in wean-to-finish facilities.
• No feed waste
• Fresh feed always available
• Self-cleaning trough
• More standing room for pigs
• Less competition
• Durability
• Minimal adjustments
• Savings in labor and feed
• Increase feed conversion rate
• Mechanical flow delivers feed only when pigs want it. Pigs turn the big wheel feeder and feed is dispensed in the trough
• Numerical feed rate adjustment makes it easy to set uniform feed flow in the entire barn
• Bump bars agitate feed when pigs turn the feed wheel, preventing bridging of finer feeds
• Round feeder allows more standing room than rectangular feeders
• Round feeder takes less surface space than rectangular feeders
• Mechanical feed flow saves more feed than gravity flow feeders
• Durable reinforced fiberglass composite for long years of service
• Manufactured under audited ISO 9001 quality management program
• Heavy steel to last for several years in harsh environment
• 304 stainless steel parts optional

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