Boar Fencing

• Quality Stainless Steel Legs are standard
• Flapper latch assembly for gates or drop rods that don’t get removed to open gates
• No unhandy pins to drop
• Gates swing out from either side
• Silver paint gives a brighter room
• Auto sort penning made to your floor plan 
• 43 ¾” High – 10 Rod Design
• Bottom rod is 3 ¼” off the floor
• 7/8” Solid Rod Placed
• 9/16” Horizontal rods
• Stainless steel legs
• 35 ¾” high penning available
• Feeder brackets
• Wall brackets
• Stainless steel t-bolts
• Solid panels on gates
• Post’s for large pen layouts
• Drop rods that don’t get removed to open gates

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