L.B White Guardian Heaters With Smart Sense

Smart Sense is a technologically-advanced swine facility heating solution. This innovative heating technology eliminates the inefficiency of conventional on/off heaters that require manual adjustments and always run at 100% Btu ouput. In comparison, Smart Sense heaters are automatically managed through the facility control or L.B. White SmartBox control and operate at firing rates as low as 25% of maximum Btu output.
Guardian™ heaters with Smart Sense™ provide an automatic variable-rate control, compared to manual control in today’s standard Guardian heaters. The Smart Sense upgrade allows the heater to run longer at lower firing rates and become part of the circulation system. This results in a much more consistent room temperature.
Available Smart Sense configurations:  
• 60,000 Btu/h
• 100,000 Btu/h
• 250,000 Btu/h
Ignition types:  
• Spark Ignition 
• Hot Surface Ignition 
Only L.B. White Guardian heaters are capable of operating at firing rates as low as 25% of max Btu/h while maintaining acceptable carbon monoxide levels and ignition characteristics.
Kits are available to convert existing heaters to variable rate control.
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