MultiFan Fans

The Multi-fan MF Series fans are 2 piece high performance fan systems. Available in 36" with hood or cone. These fans post some of the best CFM numbers available. With all plastic housings the fans are light but sturdy. Two piece in design allows the main housing to be carried through standard doors for remodels, and a cone or hood option for the 36" fan make these fans great options for your tunnel ventilation needs.

The System 1 is a one piece plastic hood, shutter, and fan assembly. Designed to slide through the wall from the inside of the building, the system mounts nearly flush to the inside wall providing flat, square surfaces for a clean neat finish look. The motor of the fan is TEAO, and wash down capable with a 3 year warranty. Sold with protective wire-guard the fan is UL approved for wash-down.

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