Pressure-Actuated Attic Vents

  • Available in:
o    Plastic doors with plastic frame
o    Plastic doors with galvanized frame
• Aerodynamic discharge orifice for high efficiency and air speed
• Friendly retrofit in most applications
• Drier litter and lower ammonia concentration levels
• This design is cost-effective, durable, and easy to install
• Durable corrugated plastic insulation stop
The new PACI-2500 Series Attic Vents are pressure-actuated and operated by a constant force of springs. The easy, adjustable door springs will allow opening of doors to be controlled by static pressure. These new PACI-2500 Series Attic Vents incorporate all of the same benefits and features of the ACI-2500 and ACI-4000 Series.
Plastic  2500 Pressure-Actuated Attic Vent with Galvanized Frame
Full Open Airflow @ .1 SP:        2100 CFM
Horizontal Airflow @ .1 SP:        1300 CFM
Opening:                                   21.5”W x 27”L
All Plastic 2500 Pressure-Actuated Attic Vent
Full Open Airflow @ .1 SP:        2100 CFM
Horizontal Airflow @ .1 SP:        1300 CFM
Opening:                                   19”W x 27”L

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