V-Flo for Poultry

In modern poultry houses, ventilation plays a vital role. Through recirculation of air, heat distribution is optimized, which enhances a uniform development of the flocks, independent of the location. With the V-Flo Fan, Vostermans Ventilation offers the opportunity to reduce the negative impacts of temperature differences in a poultry house, in a simple and energy efficient way. The vertical and horizontal airflows result in an optimal microclimate at animal level. 
This fan is a prerequisite for:
• Optimal air distribution in the poultry with the purpose to create an
 optimal climate and flock
• To control the humidity level in the house
• Creating an active microclimate at animal level
• Constant low airspeed at animal level
• Reduction of the energy costs through vertical airflow
• An optimal vertical airflow through a special aerodynamic shaped conical outlet to guide the airflow
• Reduced number of fans per surface-unit in comparison to similar systems
• Energy efficient motors/fans, developed and produced according to future European Directives


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